Community Engagement

We make innovative work that draws on young people’s real experiences.

Our contemporary performances are unconventional, funny, smart and warm. They explore the complex cultural conditions of life in Australia. It’s immediate theatre that grapples with the deeper themes running through young people’s lives.

Weekly workshops encourage powerful and sometimes life-changing encounters between young people from diverse backgrounds. We listen to their experiences, challenges and ideals, and make sense of it together through a powerful drama process.

Whether we’re setting up in an old warehouse or performing under the stars near Broome, our interactive theatrical journeys invite honest interactions between the audience and performers.

For the duration

We build and maintain real relationships over time. Young people in their teens work with emerging young artists in their early twenties, and established artists of all ages contribute to the community.

Projects span many years to deepen working relationships and develop artistic skills. This means we can provide mentorship, training and professional development as people grow artistically and establish their creative careers. Our work with the Flemington Theatre Group is a great example of this type of practice.

We offer paid employment for emerging young artists and practical advice on their independent projects. We also set up student placements and tailor our responses as young artists tell us what they need.

Social change comes through people

We advocate for change in social contexts and people’s lives. In Braybrook at a time of great racial sensitivity, for example, we opened up conversation between the police and young people, who then offered cultural training to officers. See our video.

We also brought young people and their elders together to gather oral histories for the Beagle Bay Chronicles.